Service user (defined as the person/ family who receives involvement as commissioned by the client, i.e.: a child (service user)

Service user information:

CATS typically collects and stores the following service user information:

  1. Name, address, date of birth of the child;
  2. Name, address, and contact details for the parent/ guardian;
  3. Clinical notes documenting details of each appointment or communication concerning the service user;
  4. Results of standardised / non-standardised assessments that affect the delivery of the intervention;
  5. Consent to treatment and data protection information;
  6. Correspondence concerning the service user.

This information is collected and kept to evidence CATS assessments and is done so in line with health guidelines provided by the Health and Care Professions Council. This information is kept for seven years post intervention, except in the case of a child, where records will be archived until that child reaches the age of 25 or 26 if service with that child started at the age of 17.

Information storage:

Both client and service user information are stored electronically. It can only be accessed by employees of CATS who require access to client and service user information. With regards to service user information, this is typically the clinician/s allocated to the service user. The business coordinator will also access information for the purpose of quality assurance audits and contacting the service user on behalf of the clinician eg: in times of staff sickness.

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