The Autism Diagnostic Interview -Revised (ADI-R)

The ADI-R is a semi-structured interview and a way for us to obtain a comprehensive developmental history. It is a part of the diagnostic process and helps us to understand difficulties that your child is experiencing now but also challenges that they may have experienced as a younger child.

Why is this important?

Autistic spectrum disorders are life long conditions and although the presentation can change through life , evidence that there have been consistent difficulties helps us to understand the differences between ASD and other conditions that can present later in a child’s life.

When is it appropriate to use the ADI-R?

For young people who at in the senior part of high school it is less helpful to undertake an observation in school in the way we would with a younger child. However we still require information to make a diagnosis and the ADI-R allows us to do this in a systematic way.

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